La Parra film Bar - Restaurante




Virrey "a la espalda"¹
Sea bream "a la espalda"¹
Sardo in cider sauce
Squids in their "own ink" sauce
Ventresca of bonito
Codfish "a la vizcaína"¹¹
Red mullets "a la plancha"²
Bonito "a la plancha"²
Pixín "a la plancha"² or "a la romana"³
Hake "a la cazuela"¹¹¹
Hake "a la plancha"² or "a la romana"³
Seafood and fish stew


¹ cooked on a griddle
¹¹ served with a sauce of tomato, onions and pepper
¹¹¹ cooked in a earthenware pot and served with a saffron sauce
² cooked on a griddle, served with cloves of garlic (fried with olive oil) and boiled potatoes
³ coated with flour and egg and fried with olive oil

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